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Belozersky Regional Museum of Local Lore
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«Teapot Talks on the Intercession of the Mother of God Day»

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Teapot Talks on the Intercession of the Mother of God Day

Интерактивная программа «Покровские посиделки»

This day was an important milestone in the folk calendar. Peasants finished all field activities by the Intercession of the Mother of God Day because the ground used to become frozen by October 14. It is reasonable when they say that on this day we have autumn in the morning and winter in the evening. People began protecting their houses from the cold on this day, held a ceremony of feeding their cattle to be sure it will feel well in winter. Women did needleworks and men were involved in handicrafts. A teapot talk period started in villages from this day. The Museum of Ethnography invites everyone to take part in such teapot talks and get acquainted with the history of this holiday, its customs and traditions, weather lores.

Duration: 1 hour

Season: October – November



Pensioners, students


400 RUB

300 RUB

300 RUB


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