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Belozersky Regional Museum of Local Lore
г. Ханты-Мансийск, ул. Академика Королева, д. 71
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Christmas Evenings

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Christmas Evenings

Интерактивная программа «Святы святочки, святые вечерочки»

Every year the Museum of Ethnography of the Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore organizes Christmas parties following ancient customs with teapot talks, songs and dances, guisers and carols. Christmas time was celebrated cheerfully and interestingly in the old days. People thought they would have prophetic dreams on such holy days and put scissors or bread under a pillow to make them come true. Everyone in a Russian village knew how to read fortune but the peak of fortune-telling fell on Christmas time which was considered an unusual time, especially on the New Year’s Eve. People used a variety of items to read fortune such as tools, jewelry, plants, flowers. Each item had a symbolic meaning. Guests will be able to learn more about all these things during our program.

Duration: 1 hour

Season: January



Pensioners, students


400 RUB

300 RUB

300 RUB

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