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House 28/1, Frunze street (precise name: Elementary School Building, 1901)


ул.Фрунзе, д.28, облик здания до ремонта 2012 г.
ул.Фрунзе, д.28, облик здания до ремонта 2012 г.

Year: 1901

Type: monument of urban planning and architecture

Registration number in the registry of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation: 351610735810005, ID number: 35-109210

Status: cultural property of regional significance

State security document: Resolution of the Regional Executive Committee, document number: 339, date: 1978-06-02

Address: 28/1, Frunze street, Belozersk, Vologda region

Brief description:

It is a two-storeyed brick building of a rectangular shape in plan elongated along the east-west axis. The building has interfloor corbel courses as several seats, window sill courses as a plinth and a seat, an upper cornice with rows of spacer plates and a belt rustic joint on its facades. First floor window openings have apex stones. A forged tracery second floor balcony is located above the main door steps on the south facing façade. The original layout of load bearing walls as well as locations of inner stairs and a furnace are kept in the building without any major changes. Handrails of the central stairs going to the second floor are decorated with tracery iron barriers. It is a historically valuable building on the corner of the historical part of the town at the intersection of Frunze street and Vikulova street making historically emerged figures in the above streets.

Condition: good

Nowadays application: the History of Belozersk Museum of the Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore of the Vologda Region is located in this building (the historical exposition and exhibition hall).

State-financed cultural establishment Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore (28, Frunze street)

Phone: 2-34-29, 2-22-10

E-mail: history@belozermus.rumuseum@belozermus.ru 

Internet: belozermus.ru


The Belozersk elementary school building was built in 1901.

According to the records for assessment of the Belozersk fixed property of the Novgorod Province dated 1901, this building has the assigned number 282 as the building of the Ministry of Education having wooden household structures. The construction of the building evidently started well before but no other information on the start of the construction is available. The elementary school in the town of Belozersk itself was founded in 1875 after transformation of the former elementary school of the Belozersk district. The teaching period in the new school lasted three years at the very beginning. From July 1, 1903 it was prolonged up to four years after splitting four senior grades into independent classes. On September 14, 1912 the Belozersk elementary school was closed and the Belozersk higher elementary school was established on its basis (it existed up to 1918).

From 1903 to 1912, this building hosted one more school – the Belozersk men’s parochial school. Three-year teacher training courses for women were also held there from 1912.

Elementary and higher elementary schools were not so popular places of kids education among noblemen, public servants and merchants. The share of noblemen’s and merchants’ kids was maximum 15% of the total number of their students. Lower middle class people studied at the Belozersk elementary school as a rule. The share of kids from the countryside and the town itself was more or less equal at the Belozersk higher elementary school.

The teachers of the elementary and higher elementary schools in Belozersk were people of different origin from various parts of Russia, including those of other faiths. The majority of teachers graduated from teacher training schools.

From 1919 to 1924, the united labor school classes (high school) took place there.

In 1927, the teacher training high school moved to this building from Tikhvin. Two neighboring wooden buildings were also assigned for its classrooms. In 1931, the teacher training high school was reorganized into the Belozersk pedagogical school.

During the Great Patriotic War a hospital was hosted in this building.

In 1956, the Belozersk pedagogical school was closed and the building was transferred to the high school. In 1963, the pedagogical school was opened again and all its former buildings were returned to it. Students  who were taught in other towns (Totma) were transferred to Belozersk.

The building was recognized as a heritage asset by Resolution No. 339 of the Executive Committee of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies dated 02.06.1978.

Such famous people as poets Sergey Vikulov and Leonid Belyaev, writer Anatoly Petukhov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Vera Kublanovskaya studied in the pedagogical school over the years.

In 2002, the pedagogical school gained a status of pedagogical college.

From 2012, the building has been hosting the History of Belozersk exposition and exhibition hall of the Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore.