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School of Art

арт-объект у ДШИ
A Man Is Cold Without a Song Art Object. Designer: T.V. Samsonova

Sergey Orlov’s contemporaries perceived his poems as a reflection of life. Being lyric to a great extent, they were like magnets for professional and, more often, amateur composers at that time.
The Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore includes 29 piano reductions set to Sergey Orlov’s poems in its collections.
No wonder that a majority of songs set to Sergey Orlov’s poems was written by composer Vasily Nosarev from Belozersk. Surprisingly, they both were living similar lives. They were born in the Belozersk district which they love endlessly. They took part in the war, were wounded and later out of service. They were creative minds endowed by nature with big talents: their poetic power and musical gift. Vasily Nosarev's vocal and choral works include 60 songs and 6 orchestral pieces in total. 16 songs of 60 were set to Sergey Orlov’s poems. The Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore has 10 piano reductions of Vasily Nosarev written to various topics in its funds. Vasily Nosarev handed over his music book with music texts written by hand and set to Sergey Orlov’s poems to the Museum on the poet’s seventieth anniversary in 1991.
Love to the motherland, local area, man is the key idea of both Sergey Orlov’s poems and Vasily Nosarev’s songs. Means of expression they used are widely typical for their own creative methods though a lot of similar features may be found in lyric songs of their contemporaries.
Composer Vasily Nosarev’s creative heritage was studied by Oleg Belogrudov who was a music critic, musicologist, Professor of the Petr Chaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation. It is his book called The Composer from Belozersk that reveals the creative methods and talents of Vasily Nosarev. This book describes the creative heritage of the composer who worked at the School of Art in Belozersk.

1957 г. — «Человеку холодно без песни».  Читает автор — Сергей Орлов.


Sergey Orlov reflects on how important a song in a person's life is in this poem. He writes: "The heart somewhere will respond to the heart, -// And the song is sung in on the Earth." Believing that “it does not need to be composed”, he surely means that any song is born by inspiration, inside the soul. But still, the created melody always asks to be recorded. No wonder that Russian folk art is written down by professionals. This makes it easier for other people in other regions to sing these melodies.
“The art object was based on a stave with a treble clef at its beginning. One cannot unravel the melody without the treble clef. The stave (5 lines) expands from the treble clef to the last bar line. The expansion has a reason. I believe that this expansion will balance the edges of the object. And symbolically, it means “continuation”, because only the initial musical phrase on the first line is recorded with notes. It is looking forward to be continued. Who knows, maybe a new song might be born from this phrase? And then the art object will truly become symbolic. Also, after the melody, an information stand about the first stage of the creative competition project will be placed on the music staff.
The musical phrase is divided into bars – musical segments separated by bar lines, which naturally turn into the supports necessary for the object, which must be dug into the ground” (T.V. Samsonova).

Майя Кристалинская — «Его зарыли в шар земной».
Эдуард Хиль — «Голос первой любви».