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"The Orlov Planet" Project

Проект «Планета Орлова»

"The Sergey Orlov Planet" project is the winner of the Cultural Mosaic of Towns and Villages project competition. According to the project objective, several art objects funded by the Timchenko fund were created in the town making a certain "orbit", i.e. the touristic route. A special map is printed to go around this "orbit" with its interactive version for kids. Visitors may get this map at the Sergey Orlov Memorial House (12, Dzerzhinskogo street, Belozersk).

The Sergey Orlov art objects highlight places associated with the poet's life and works in this hometown Belozersk. Each of them has an image and a QR code referring to information on the poet and his works. Each art object is based on a plot of a certain poem. The art objects are designed following sketches of winners of the art object open competition:


The Literary Bench (V. Smirnov) 
Sergey Orlov's Versts (A. Volov) 
Near a Birch Tree (T. Yermakova) 
A Man is Cold Without a Song (T. Samsonova) 
Artistic Legacy (Makar Chernoshchekov) 
On the Background of the Painted Garden (T. Samsonova) 
Dukes from Belozersk (T. Yermakova) 
The Pumpkin (T. Yermakova) 
The Lark (Lilia Bragina) 
White Lake (L. Mokievskaya) 

Our museum invites you to visit Belozersk and make a journey through Sergey Orlov's poems!
Sergey Orlov Memorial House, 12, Dzerzhinskogo street, Belozersk 

e-mail: belozerskorlovsergey@mail.ru
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